CCTV exposes broad daylight bank robbery at Spintex

The terrifying facts of the heist that occurred in broad daylight at the Pan African Savings and Loan business branch in Spintex were caught on camera.

According to reports, the incident took place on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at midday.

The video showed the two armed men on a motorcycle swiftly pursuing the naive vehicle as it approached the bank.

As they make room for their victims, the pillion rider swiftly dismounts and approaches the designated car, shooting multiple rounds of gunfire.

CCTV exposes broad daylight bank robbery at Spintex

The jeep’s driver tries to get away by going into reverse, but the bandits quickly take control of the vehicle from both ends.

In the middle of the pandemonium, they manage to steal a bag of cash from the front passenger seat.

The bank security guard opened fire on the suspects after one of the thieves was hit by her gunshot.

But her revolver jammed, letting the robbers get away.


Watch video below:


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