CCTV captures man in police uniform breaking into home


A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) footage has exposed a man purported to be a police officer who broke into a resident’s home.

In the video, which has gained massive attention online, the alleged uniformed Kenyan policeman could be seen forcing his way into the home in the wee hours.


The man, wielding a gun, could be seen scrutinising the area before making attempts to break the small gate.

His action could not be mistaken for routine checks as he was careful enough not to make any sound while breaking the lock with a metallic object.


He gained successful entry, but the one-minute and 26 seconds video did not capture his activities inside.

However, persons believed to be owners of the home, expressed disapproval when they reviewed the CCTV camera after discovering their loss.


They labelled him, among other tags, as a criminal in uniform.

Video below:


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