Captain Smart tackles Mahama at media engagement

On Sunday, July 7, 2024, Godsbrain Captain Smart, the host of the Onua TV morning show, asked for novel and inventive ideas to convince Ghanaians to accept John Dramani Mahama’s message during his interview with the country’s media.

Captain Smart pointed out during the program’s Q&A segment that the previous president’s pledges are mostly consistent with those of earlier Ghanaian presidents, who laid the groundwork for the current state of affairs in their nation.

Captain Smart therefore insisted that John Mahama persuade him and the Ghanaian people of a new message that would take care of the urgent needs of the nation.

“Under this Fourth Republic, we have seen Rawlings, Kufuor, Professor Mills, you (referring to Mahama), and Akufo-Addo, and it seems like we are not hearing anything new that will motivate us to follow you. It is the same old story being rehashed. What new message do you have in your second bid to stimulate our interest in your campaign and earn our support?” he inquired.

In response to the question by Captain Smart and other media personnel present at the event, John Mahama outlined several promises that he believes will tackle the challenges facing the country.

One such promise is the 24-hour economic policy, which John Mahama believes could be the game-changer in addressing Ghana’s economic struggles.

“Firstly, consider the 24-hour economy as an accelerator—the best accelerator or catalyst we could possibly have. A 24-hour economy will increase the production and distribution of goods and services and accelerate economic exchanges between people and companies. With that, we will start growing at an unprecedented pace while providing decent jobs for the youth,” he stated.

“I have said that leadership is about vision, and I stand by that. But leadership is also about caring, about offering people genuine, solid hope. This is what a 24-hour economy is really about,” he continued.

“Let me explain further. The 24-hour economy is a robust way to replace imports with domestically produced goods, thereby creating a strong foundation for a vibrant Ghanaian industry. Often, we don’t import goods because they are superior to ours; we import them because no one produces them here in Ghana, or because local production is insufficient.

“The stimulus package for companies willing to participate in the 24-hour economy will convince businesses, I am certain of it, to start producing import substitutes. Do you know why? Because the market for such products already exists. Through the 24-hour economy, businesses will be incentivized to produce for this market. It’s the simplest way to start growing sustainably,” he elaborated.

John Mahama also promised to tackle corruption and expand the country’s digitalization efforts to create more opportunities for Ghanaian youth.



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