Can You Love Two People At The Same Time?

Beautiful love story Nd lessons gathered by Akosua Boatemaa that gives u a clear view on wat one should do Nd is a must
Love is the most incredible thing in the world, and as they say, there’s no such thing as too much love. Matters of the heart are rarely straightforward, but loving two people at the same time is enough to challenge the emotional strength of most people. So we ask, Can You Love Two People At The Same Time?

Love Two People
We are complex and complicated human beings, and it’s very possible that two different traits in two different people can both appeal to us.

Having fantasies about someone other than your partner is not always an indicator that there is trouble in your relationship. Human beings just like to think about sex and they enjoy thinking about it with different people.

The brain is really a complicated organ and we are often subject to its vagary.

What It Means When You Fall in Love with Two People
Before i give you some suggestions, I would like to tell you my story and you can choose where are you now. I am sure your love story is no more different from mine.

I fell in love with this girl since my school days and really like her. I love to see her face and her smile was made in heaven. I was completely into her. I thought that I could not make love to anyone else in my life.

I don’t even remember when I proposed to her but I know when she did accept, I was like on top of the world. Time goes on and we both have to separate for about two years.

We both loved each other and there was no sign like I will cheat on her one day. In fact, I was deeply in love with her. I met few cool girls but I never felt anything special about them.

Then I met a girl, should I say a “special girl”. She wasn’t as beautiful as my girl, but she made a big impact on me. The way she talks, she had a good sense of humor, and she was very caring and she made me feel special.

I was already in a relationship but there wasn’t enough dare in me to tell my special girl how I felt about her. Fast-forward, I was in a double relationship at the same time.

I talk to both of them every day but I could not make a decision as to who I love the most. After about 6 months, I found myself more inclined towards my special girl and after some worrying days, I told her the truth and we broke up.

I am with my first girlfriend, but sometimes i miss my special girl and when I think about her, I can’t stop myself from crying.

You can love both, but in the end, you will never get true happiness of being in a relationship. You will always be afraid of facing the truth. One person can not simply divide the same area of heart for two persons, so sooner or later, you are bound to weigh your feelings towards them and will have to make up your mind on whom you love the most.

Choosing means you get honest about what you want out of life. How will a partner fit into those plans of yours? This second person might be a better fit for where you’re going in life, but it all depends on what you are truly looking for.

All relationships are based on trust. Everyone must be aware of the boundaries of the relationship. If the two of you want an open relationship, its important that both of you agree on the terms and conditions.

Anyone third party coming in will need to be aware that you are already committed to somebody to prevent jealousy and insecurity.

You can love two people but you cannot be in love with two people at the same time. There’s no mathematical formula for choosing who to make a commitment to. Love is subjective and exclusive to the person who is feeling it. Different people have different ideas about what it means to be in love and the criteria under which happy relationships can flourish.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to take the time to cultivate and love yourself. It’ll help you to be more aware of the characteristics in a partner that matter most
to you and ultimately will make your decision a little easier, ur love life is always in ur hands.

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