Buaben Asamoa ditches NPP as he joins Alan’s camp

Alan campaign regalia has been spotted on the former MP for Adentan, Yaw Buaben Asamoa, in a viral photo.

It seems that the former NPP spokesperson for the Alan Kyerematen Campaign team left the party with his boss.

One of Alan Kyerematen’s most important supporters, Buaben Asamoa, has not yet disclosed his position about his independent campaign.

At the Alan Kyeremateng Movement For Change event, Buaben Asamoa was seen sitting in the front row, with a yellow movement T-shirt and hat.

The image of Alan Kyeremateng and the inscription are on the front of the T-shirt.

Buaben Asamoa ditches NPP as he joins Alan’s camp

Buaben Asamoa provided justification for Alan Kyerematen’s resignation.

Mr. Asamoa stated, “He is announcing to the Ghanaian population that he has withdrawn from this process which is in favour of one person, and it’s stopping at nothing, not stopping at intimidation, impunity, and inducements in order to secure a vote for one person, and that process is what he has withdrawn from.”

“Fortunately, he recognises the people who believe in him and he has acknowledged that belief. He goes on to say that this ongoing process will not deliver their expectations, the expectations of him being selected to become the leader of the party and the realisation of his vision. Rightfully so, he’s convinced and has had the courage to withdraw.”

“As for politics, you can’t stop people from speculating and putting their lenses on whatever happens. But the truth of the process that we are going through in the NPP is not NPP-like, it’s not a democratic process. The party is acting with impunity, it is making rules and changing rules at will, and everybody can see what is going on.”

“The last Special Delegates’ Conference was full of intimidation, You have all the stories, and it’s not important to tell the stories as new. The courage of one conviction is more important, and I think Alan should be commended for having the courage of his conviction to withdraw”. He said.

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