Bobrisky donates chairs to Kiriki prison despite being locked up

Crossdresser and social media star from Nigeria, Bobrisky, recently made headlines for a different reason than his typical ostentatious looks: he gave generously to the Kirikiri jail.

He mishandled Naira and now faces a six-month term, but he has given plastic chairs to the prison’s visiting area.

Many have been startled by this gesture in the face of his ongoing legal troubles.

It is reported that the chairs will make the National Correctional Service facility’s visitation room more pleasant for people who come to visit their loved ones who are detained.

Bobrisky donates chairs to Kiriki prison despite being locked up

In addition to his latest donation to Kirikiri jail, Bobrisky, who is well-known for his colorful online character, has participated in a number of charitable endeavors.

He has a track record of supporting his followers by giving away things frequently on social media and making financial donations to charities.

This has been one of his methods of supporting and interacting with his community.

Whatever the motivation, the contribution was made, and the chairs are now a part of the visitor’s area in Kirikiri Prison.

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