Black Sherif Finally Responds To Nigel Gaisie’s De.ath Prophecy

Black Sherif, a legendary musician from Ghana, has responded to a recent omen of doom from Prophet Nigel Gaisie.

Nigel Gaisie, the founder and head of Prophetic Hill Chapel, has made a prophecy regarding the trap musician Black Sherif.

The prophet of God descended upon his Facebook page and foretold the demise of artist Blacko. He said Black Sherif warned him to be cautious and prayed for him, warning him that awful things might happen to him otherwise.

Black Sherif Finally Responds To Nigel Gaisie’s De.ath Prophecy

He also mentioned seeing Black Sherif’s mother sobbing over the tragedy.

According to prophet Nigel Gaisie, the tragedy may occur between now and December 2023.

In response to the prophesy, Black Sherif stated that while he is terrified, he thinks being cautious and knowledgeable would keep him alive.

He also mentioned how frequently he prays and described his typical day.

Black Sherif claims that before working, he prays and speaks with his mother and father. He does that on a daily basis.

Following inquiries from some of his admirers about his thoughts on the prophesy, Black Sherif shared his response in a live broadcast on social media.

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