Becoming Friends After A Breakup – Option or Solution?

Personally speaking, becoming friends after a breakup is rare especially when your relation was a serious one and you people shared a very special bond. Here’s my story:

My first relation was more of an accident (funny story). I don’t think either of us really had serious feelings. We just got into a relation and unsurprisingly, I had to convey to her within two weeks that it won’t work out. I felt awful hearing her cry, but years later she would realize that it was a good decision.

Out of guilt, I kept going back to her to apologize to make sure she has forgiven me for breaking up. And she did when she realized I had no ill-intentions. And so the process of being friends and talking again never felt all that difficult.

Two years later, when I got into my first serious relation, it was with my best friend. The only time I had met my first girl-friend, I had made sure she met my best friend too, so that they could be friends. But my best friend didn’t seem happy about it. I knew years later that she had feelings even then, which is why she wasn’t okay with me being in a relation with someone else.

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