The biological mother of Ghanaian female vocalist known widely by his stage name as Becca, Madam Julie Yaidom – Oti, has hit back on her daughters husband after some misunderstanding sparked between them few days ago.

Reports emerged that, the daughter mother relation that existed between the two has been broken after the musician got married. Another reports alwo suggested that, the Nigerian husband of the Ghanaian musician Tobi Daniels has prevented her from seeing her own biological mother claiming she is a witch and that she would harm their new born baby.

Addressing the report live via Facebook with Chris Vincent Agyapong, according Madam Julie, Becca had not talked to her in about a year and even failed to inform her about the pregnancy.

She further explained that the quarrel came about after she adviced her own daughter to be extra careful about who manages her finances.

t the one in charge of Becca’s finances, the only advice I give her constantly is that she should be careful of how her wealth is managed. But since Tobi is a thief, a thief always thinks a(nother) thief is coming to steal something from him,” Becca’s mum passionately said.

“Of course when you’re the husband, you have to take care of the family, but the fact that you’re a thief you think that I’m coming to steal from my own daughter?

“If you want to chop all her money that’s up to him, and her,” the woman said.

Source: Ghanaown.com

Akosua Boatemaa

Founder/ Journalist blogger, Psychologist, Media Marketer/ Real Female Promoter, Entertainment Critic & Editor for Ghanaown.com Email: [email protected]

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