Bahamas recruiting nurses from Ghana to address shortage

Eighteen (18) speciality nurses from Ghana are planned to arrive in The Bahamas by the end of October to assist in alleviating a nursing shortage, according to the Bahamas’ Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. Michael Darville.

“I would like to see them in the country before the end of the month. I believe we will be able to accomplish that so that we can fill a lot of gaps of specialty nurses that exist at the Princess Margaret Hospital and some at the Rand Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Darville added “And to be able to improve the delivery of quality services that we want to provide at our hospitals and take a lot of burdens from a lot of our specialty nurses who are working a lot of overtime and we don’t want them to burn out. So we look forward to these nurses coming to the country.”

Bahamas recruiting nurses from Ghana to address shortage

The nation has a persistent lack of nurses, and many front-line employees frequently express their physical and emotional tiredness.

Dr. Darville claims that Ghanaian nurses will aid in the effort to deliver high-quality services throughout the nation.

“I want the Bahamian people to know that while we are recruiting, developed countries are recruiting in our country and it’s a burden that we currently face on a daily basis.

“We’re not alone in the Caribbean, other Caribbean colleagues and ministers of health are constantly presenting this issue of excessive recruitment in the Caribbean, and the Bahamas is no exception.

“But for us at the Ministry of Health and Wellness, it is our responsibility to do all that we need to ensure that these services are provided in the country, and that requires going outside and recruiting from abroad.

“So, we look forward to the nurses coming from Ghana into the country to help us to deliver quality health care services, not only in Grand Bahama and New Providence but throughout the country.”

Aubynette Rolle, the managing director of the Public Hospital Authority, stated last month that efforts were being made to solve the nation’s nursing shortfall.

She mentioned that the administration is anticipating nurses from the Philippines and even India in addition to Ghana.

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