Ashawo k!lled by a tipper truck while ‘chasing’ GH¢80 fee from a customer

Tragically, a tipper truck struck and killed a worker in the Ashawo industry.

The truck ran over the woman’s head, according to information acquired by Rainbow Radio 87.5FM.

The event happened at Triple X on the Kasoa-Winneba Highway in the Central Region, close to Buduburam.

The dead Anabel, according to the information gathered, booked a taxi from Kasoa to Awutu Beraku to meet her client. When the woman arrived at Triple X, however, she got into a quarrel with the taxi driver after accusing him of having sex with her while refusing to pay.

Ashawo k!lled by a tipper truck while ‘chasing’ GH¢80 fee from a customer

The driver argued that the claim was untrue since it was a ruse to get her out of paying the fare.

According to reports, things got out of hand and the taxi driver and the commercial sex prostitute started exchanging words.
They were split up by several individuals, and the taxi driver continued on his journey.

Anabel, on the other hand, demanded payment from those who separated them, claiming that GHC 80 was what she had payed the driver.

She allegedly stood in the middle of the road and demanded GHC 80 from the people who broke up the fight because she maintained the taxi driver had had sex with her.

Witnesses claim that after a short period of time, a tipper car from Awutu Bereku drove over Anabel and fatally crushed her head.

The driver of the tipper car has been detained and sent to the Buduburam District Police Command while the inquiry is continuing, and the body has been placed at St. Gregory Hospital.


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