Archbishop Charles Agyinasare appointed President Of The Bible Society Of Ghana

The Bible Society of Ghana witnessed a momentous declaration made by its General Secretary, Very Rev Dr. John Kwesi Addo Jr., appointing His Grace, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, as the organization’s new president.

At the Supernatural Empowerment Summit, which drew thousands of Christian leaders from 47 nations, the proclamation was made on Friday, May 3.

As the first-ever appointment of a leader of the Charismatic Church to the presidency by the Governing Council, this appointment represents a major turning point in The Bible Society’s history.

The Chairman emphasized that the decision was reached unanimously in large part because of Archbishop Agyinasare’s well-respected leadership and wonderful nature.

The Bible Society of Ghana’s main goal is to offer Bibles at reasonable costs in a variety of regional languages. The group is currently working on three more Bible translations and has successfully translated the text into nine of the major Ghanaian languages.

Archbishop Charles Agyinasare appointed President Of The Bible Society Of Ghana

With effect from August 1, 2024, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare’s appointment as President marks a noteworthy accomplishment in guaranteeing that every Ghanaian family possesses a Bible in the native tongue.

The Chairman emphasized Archbishop Agyinasare’s broad pastoral experience, spanning more than forty years, and the significance of this appointment in advancing the Society’s mission.

With his extensive background, Archbishop Agyinasare is well-positioned to lead the organization in the direction of accomplishing its goals during his two-year term as President.

The Christian community responded to the announcement with support and joy on a local and global level. For many, this is a step in the right direction toward expanding the Society’s influence and outreach.

In addition to expressing his thanks for the chance to lead the Society, Archbishop Agyinasare reaffirmed his dedication to its goals.

He emphasized the significance of ensuring that every Ghanaian, irrespective of their language or origin, has access to the Bible and promised to put forth endless effort to achieve this goal.

The Society’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity is demonstrated by the appointment of Archbishop Agyinasare, as it aims to interact with a variety of Christian communities and denominations throughout Ghana.

It also emphasizes how crucial teamwork is to furthering the causes of literacy and Bible distribution.

To sum up, The Bible Society of Ghana’s objective to make the Bible accessible to all Ghanaians has advanced significantly with the appointment of Archbishop Charles Agyinasare as President.

The Society is in a strong position to carry on its important mission of evangelizing the country with the help of his vision and leadership.

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