Anyone who hates to see the church open will die – Bishop Oyedepo


Founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has stated firmly that, anyone who is against the re-opening of churches deserves to die.


Due to the deadly coronavirus disease, church activities have been halted in many countries as a form of curbing the disease from spreading speedily.


The Nigerian Bishop, who seem not to understand why people are allowed to visit the market made it known that, it’s unfair to Christianity.


Speaking at the church’s headquarters in Otta Ogun state in Nigeria, Bishop Oyedepo averred that, “The doors to churches across Nations are again declared opened this morning. Can I tell you this? Hunger is far more devastating than any virus that will ever visit the earth.


According to him, hunger kills silently and there is no vaccine for hunger, also stating that there isn’t any medical solution for hunger.


“Hunger has no treatment than to have food and spiritual famine is far more devastating, that is what the devil is looking for but he has failed. The church is back on its feet and anyone who hates to see that will die for it” He said.





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