Anne-Sophie Avé explains why Ghana and Nigeria should not be compared

Former French ambassador to Ghana Anne-Sophie Ave shared her opinion on the comparison that is commonly made between singers from Ghana and Nigeria.

She urged Ghanaian music lovers to adopt a more objective attitude and acknowledged Nigeria as a pioneer in the development of Afrobeat music throughout Africa in an interview with Andy Dosty, expressing her disgust with these comparisons.

She emphasized how crucial Nigeria’s contribution to the development in Afrobeat music’s popularity has been.

Ave also emphasized how Nigeria’s size—250 million people—has contributed significantly to the development of the nation by allowing it access to a big market and a devoted fan base for its music. She made the point that while good music transcends all demographics, a huge population surely aids in expanding one’s audience.

Anne-Sophie Avé explains why Ghana and Nigeria should not be compared

The former French ambassador also advised Ghanaian musicians to focus on promoting themselves outside of Ghana, including throughout the rest of Africa and the world.

By highlighting the importance of efficient advertising and media attention, she encouraged musicians to expand outside of their own countries and take over other markets.

Anne-Sophie Ave’s perspective essentially highlights the uniqueness of each country’s music landscape while recognizing Nigeria’s leadership in the Afrobeat genre and the advantages of its big population.

In order to achieve equal success, she counsels Ghanaian musicians to actively advertise themselves on a broader stage.

“The comparison doesn’t make sense, yes, it is Afrobeat, but let’s look at it like Nigeria is paving the way, is opening the doors for the entire African continent.” Anne-Sophie Ave stated.

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