The media is one of the lucrative jobs ever in the world but could working in the media be a sacrificial job in Africa as a matter fact and Ghana? Is there a future for aspiring media personalities in Ghana?
Here In the Republic of Ghana there are several media schools that either have accreditation or do not have accreditation churning aspirants daily. There are several Media houses doing the most for Ghana 🇬🇭 in the dissemination of information, entertainment and the likes. Kudos.
But If the passionate ones already waving the flag for years cannot boast of even a bicycle, then I dare ask, is there a future for aspiring media Persons if those already in the field, who work daily for months and years are not been paid salaries.
Are wives, husbands, fathers, mothers,siblings of Radio & Tv hosts, reporters, cameramen, producers, directors happy to see their relatives work their hearts out but at the end of the day cannot feed or provide 3 square meals for them? Why work tirelessly without Salaries? There is no motivation, they earn absolutely nothing or peanuts.
What exactly is the problem? Is it the economy that is making it difficult for media owners to pay workers? Recently, we heard from the grapevine that two top media persons who work with the EIB, Kofi Okyere Darko & Jon Germain have left the station or have been disengaged.

Everyone is aware Covid19 has brought a lot of strain on finances not only in the country but the world over, but you and I will agree that the difficulties with finances in the media started way ahead.
Do media owners or managers think they are doing employees a favour by employing them?
A few questions that need answers regarding a trend that is crippling Ghana’s media years on. There’s more to come on this.

Yours sincerely;

Larry Bozzlz.
Host of Video Ryde TV-AFRICA.

Akosua Boatemaa

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