Alleged g@y lands in hospital after a severe mob attack in Kasoa

Salis Nasir, 25, was brought to Dr. Kofi Boateng Memorial Hospital in Kasoa, near Accra, in a cab, struggling for his life following a vicious attack by his Muslim brothers on the grounds that he was gay. The scene was chaotic.

When Nasir’s boyhood pals found out, they attacked him and his “lover,” causing security personnel to intervene and fire a warning shot, scattering the enraged crowd.

Once Nasir is stable at the hospital, he sobs as he considers calling the police to report the crime in order to receive justice and protection.

Alleged g@y lands in hospital after a severe mob attack in Kasoa

“I was there for antenatal care when they brought him to the hospital reception. It was a really bad sight. I don’t know what could have happened if he had not been rescued early,” a pregnant woman who was an eyewitness recounted.

“Now that LGBQT has been declared illegal by the law, it is only right that we report any suspects to the police rather than continue this barbaric act of instant justice. It most often leads to attacking innocent people,” one of the doctors advised.

The current anti-gay bill has made the Ghanaian community’s view on homosexuality—which is considered abomination—even worse.

The Executive Director of UNAIDS, Winnie Byanyima, has voiced grave concerns with Ghana’s adoption of the anti-gay legislation, nevertheless.

In a statement, UNAIDS expressed concern that if passed, the law may encourage violence, make it more difficult to receive life-saving care, erode basic liberties, and impair Ghana’s progress toward development.

Byanyima stressed the detrimental effects on public health in general and the fight against AIDS in particular.

The statement emphasized the possible harm that such laws could do to people’s freedoms and to more general attempts to address health issues.

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