All the red lines for a coup have been crossed – Asiedu Nketiah

According to the National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), under the administration of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the nation has exceeded all the red lines that have previously resulted in military takeovers.

According to Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, the nation’s prior experiences are the sole reason there hasn’t been a coup during this present government.

On Friday, September 1, 2023, Asiedu Nketiah said in an interview on C TV that if it weren’t for Ghana’s past and the hardships people had during military dictatorships, the Akufo-Addo government’s degree of corruption and egregious ineptitude may have easily resulted in a coup.

All the red lines for a coup have been crossed – Asiedu Nketiah

“All the red lines which have, in the past, led to coups in Ghana have been crossed. But because the country has learnt its lessons, the consequences (of bad governance) seen in the past are not what we are seeing today.

“And so, we are hanging on because of the lessons we have learned from the past. But if you look at the coups we have had in the past and the reasons given for them, this government has done worse,” he said in Twi.

He went on to say that military commanders in the past have used force to overthrow civilian leaders because they believed it to be their last option.

The former Sanitation and Water Resources Minister Cecilia Dapaah’s bank accounts and properties were found to contain large sums of money, the NDC national chairman said, which in the past might have easily resulted in a youth uprising or a military coup.

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