Alan hints on plans to abolish Council of State

Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, the founder and head of the Movement for Change, has indicated ambitions to eliminate the Council of State if elected president.

On Monday, June 24, the party effectively unveiled The Great Transformational Plan, its manifesto that focuses on issues including government and the economy.

During the launch, Alan Kyerematen said that the Second Chamber of Parliament, which would represent important stakeholder groups including labor unions, will replace the Council of State.

“Abolish the Council of State and establish a new Second Chamber of Parliament with a representation from key stakeholders including faith-based organisations, traditional authorities, professional bodies, gender-based organisations, the private sector, labour unions, and people with disabilities.

“That is the truly representative government. That is what we call an all-inclusive government and national unity, and that is going to happen.”

Alan hints on plans to abolish Council of State

Additionally, Mr. Kyerematen declared that the two main political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), had reached the limits of their ability and shouldn’t be allowed to retake power.

He clarified that despite having the chance to lead the nation for the past 32 years, neither party has yet to show what workable ideas they have for the future of the nation through words or deeds.

He is advising Ghanaians to reject the NPP and NDC in favor of a fresh face, such as the Movement for Change (M4C), which he leads and plans to run as an independent for president in 2024.

He made the statement when he launched his “Great Transformational Plan (GTP)” in Accra on Monday (June 24, 2024).

The GTP, according to Alan Kyerematen “is a blueprint to Ghana’s economic transformation and outlines robust policy prescriptions and practical steps towards building an enterprise economy in the country.”

The goal is, among other things, to create a wealthy, peaceful, and united Ghana where everyone has equal opportunity to realize their full potential and enhance their general well-being and livelihoods, especially women, young people, and other vulnerable groups.

The Movement for Change (M4C) leader, Mr. Kyerematen, pointed out that during the course of their three decades in power, the two major parties had borrowed heavily in order to pay for the promises made in their manifestos.

The culture of unrestricted borrowing is what has left us in the quagmire in which we find ourselves, he said, adding that residents were still waiting for the manifestos of the two major parties with only five months till the general elections.

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