Akuapem Poloo Should have been Jailed 1 Year Flat – Kennedy Agyapong


Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin North, has argued that embattled celebrity, Akuapem Poloo should have been sentenced to a year imprisonment.

According to him, the three months jail sentence slapped on Akuapem Poloo for sharing nude pictures on social media and other crimes is not a deterrent enough.


The host of the Seat Show on NET2 Television, Kwaku Annan had pleaded for a review based on some reports about the sentence and the consequence on Akuapem Poloo’s son. But Kennedy Agyapong wasn’t pleased to hear this and felt the plea would not help in correcting a rather morally corrupted society in Ghana, where young women flood social media with nudity.

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He indicated that a year jail sentence would be appropriate to send the right signal to celebrities who indulge in these obscene behaviours.

“She should have been sentence to a year. It’s all because of this that Ghana is not moving forward. It sets us back…”

He explained that copy cat syndrome is a major issue among societies and that younger generations are at a risk of being inductrinated.

“You can bath with your own child but not in public. There are copy cats. They get to learn from that. There should be a deterrent.

“If you are celebrity I don’t have a problem but there’s build be some decorum. Don’t be too cheap,” he exclaimed.

As we speak, lawyers of Akuapem Poloo are seeking for a review of the sentence. It is reported that the accused is praying that the court fines her instead of sentencing her to jail.


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