Akua GMB subtly lambasts Captain Smart, tells him to be humble

Ex-wife of Dr. Kwaku Oteng (CEO of ABN) has subtly bared her teeth at Captain Smart who is roaring after his exit from the Angel Broadcasting Network.

It all started when Captain Smart invited public backlash on the media conglomerate following his suspension.

His comments suggesting the owner of the station, Dr. Kwaku Oteng has been evading tax and had to do the bidding of the government to escape punishment really dirtied the image of the business man.

This comment and other comments he made on Smart Tv and other stations have incurred the wrath of workers of Angel Fm and those associated with the owner.

Even the Ex-wife of the business tycoon who was the General Manager before her divorce, Akua GMB isn’t happy with the behavior of their former employee.

In an Instagram post he shaded Captain Smart with a biblical quote;

James 4:6 But He gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”

Humility is all you need to succeed. Be humble folks! Happy new month family ❤️


The truth is, Akua GMB didn’t mention the name of Captain Smart but critically looking at the communication situation, one doesn’t need a rocket scientist to decide that Akua wrote that Biblical verse with Captain Planet in mind.


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