Akorfa Edjeani Charges movie Producers To Desist From Portraying Women As Sexual Objects

Akorfa Edjeani charges movie producers to desist from portraying women as sexual objects

Veteran actress, Mrs Akorfa Edjeani has charged musicians and movie producers to desist from portraying women as sexual objects.

According to her, many videos projected in the entertainment industry crush down the dignity of women and subject them to public ridicule.

“Frequently showing the bear of women portray them as husband snatchers and sluts, inturn are not taking seriously by good men,” she said.

Speaking exclusively to the media in Accra last week Wednesday, the ace actress stated that portraying the bear of women reduce their respect in society.

She bemoaned that the country might regret its action if care was not taken to sanitise the system.

Ms Edjeani observed that the consequences of regularly exhibiting vital parts of women on social media, in music and movie videos could alter the fine culture possessed by the nation and stressed that within three to five years women might go nude.

She appealed to government to establish a policy framework that the Showbiz industry would operate within.

Ms Edjeani underscored the need for the country to preserve its culture and urged media to telecast 70 per cent of the local content.

In making the industry excel, she called on stakeholders to think of Showbiz as a business that project cultural values.

“Many people are of the view that sex is a commodity that sells but everything must be done in moderation. You can show an intimate scene by making a woman wear something short but it should not be vulgar, ” she stated.

Touching on cultural redefinition, the sensational actress said government should work to ensure that policies were in place to regulate the country to save it from sinking.

She however, urged women to preserve and project themselves as courteous, adding that “the foreign culture we are adopting will retard development of the country.



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