Agradaa finally responds to Nana Yeboah’s insults

Nana Yeboah’s comments have finally elicited a response from Agradaa.

His reputation, she claims, has plummeted since he began criticizing her on social media.

Gradaa also suspected that Nana Yeboah was exploiting her to gain power and popularity on YouTube because his career had failed.

The conflict started a few months ago when Nana Agradaa made comments concerning Christian Atsu’s death.

According to Nana Agradaa, if Atsu had known God, he would not have perished and would have lived with the other earthquake victims who did not lose their valuable lives.

Many Ghanaians, who are in grief for the late footballer and philanthropist, were outraged by the viral video.

Nana Agradaa went on to claim that footballers frequently use fetish, black magic, and other forms of power to defend themselves. If Atsu had believed in God, he would have saved him there.

However, in response to Agradaa’s insensitive remarks, movie actor Nana Yeboah has voiced his absolute displeasure with the Leader and Founder of Heaven’s Way Chapel, Nana Agradaa.

He used some unprintable adjectives to characterize the Evangelist in an attempt to express his scorn for her stupidity.

Months later, Nana Yeboah has insulted Nana Agradaa again when a video of her running half-naked went viral. He even launched a YouTube channel dedicated to her.

Nana Agraada became enraged and waged war on him on social media after other elders asked Nana Yeboah to end the fight. She claims he was attempting to get famous by exploiting her identity and has since decided to stop.

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