Afia Schwarzenegger mocks Alan Kyerematen with ‘Butterfly T-shirt’

The contentious writing and images on Afia Schwarzenegger’s T-shirt during Medikal’s album listening were one of the things that couldn’t be missed.

After criticizing Alan Kyerematen harshly after learning of his intention to leave the NPP, Afia Schwarzenegger has come up with yet another plan to attack the politician even harder.

One may recall that Mr. Kyerematen launched a new “movement of change” with the young as his base of support while speaking to the media after announcing his resignation.

He introduced the “monarch butterfly” as the emblem of his movement, which, in his view, represents change and transition as well as optimism and happiness.

“Ghana will rise again,” according to Alan, will be the motto of his Movement for Change.

Afia Schwarzenegger mocks Alan Kyerematen with ‘Butterfly T-shirt’

Afia Schwarzenegger donned a white T-shirt with a butterfly painting and a pair of denim shorts, however, in an effort to find a fresh way to mock Mr. Alan Kyerematen.

Afia’s blouse was blatantly emblazoned with the words “Afranfranto movement,” and on the back it said “Wasting Ghanaians time.”

Netizens have responded to this move by either denouncing it or joining Afia in making fun of the independent candidate for president.

Attacks are made on Alan Kyerematen by Afia Schwarzenegger.

After Mr. Alan Kyerematen decided to withdraw from the NPP flagbearership campaign and resign from the party, Afia Schwarzenegger slammed him.

Afia Schwarzenegger had before said that the elephant, the NPP’s emblem, was having difficulty easing Ghanaians’ condition and questioned what a butterfly, the symbol of Kyerematen’s movement, would accomplish.

She said that Alan Kyerematen is a former politician who does not merit the backing of young people.

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