Afenyo-Markin donates to Akosombo Dam flood victims

The Deputy Majority Leader in the Ghanaian Parliament and Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo-Markin, has given a substantial contribution of 200 (25kg) bags of rice to help victims of the Lower Volta disaster.

Over 12,000 people have been displaced as a result of the flood caused by the discharge of surplus water from the Akosombo Dam, according to official estimates. This disaster has taken a heavy toll, with people seeking sanctuary and coping with the catastrophic repercussions.

The Effutu Member of Parliament is making this critical donation through Citi FM and Citi TV, which have started an influential campaign, mobilizing organizations, businesses, people, as well as the international community and assistance agencies, to give relief materials and cash in support of flood victims.

Afenyo-Markin donates to Akosombo Dam flood victims

In launching the campaign, which is using the hashtag #Relief4LowerVolta on social media, Richard Sky, Co-host of the Citi Breakfast Show on Citi FM, remarked: “Let’s come together as a community, hand in hand, to be the beacon of hope that our fellow citizens desperately need. Your donations can make a world of difference, and for those who can, let’s not just send aid; let’s be there in person, extending a helping hand to the affected areas. Together, we can turn the tide of this crisis and show the strength of our unity.”

In an interview with CitiNews, Afenyo-Markin, a well-known businessman, philanthropist, and seasoned lawyer, underlined the significance of togetherness and solidarity, saying, “In times of crisis, it is our duty to stand with those who are suffering.” My tiny gift is a show of solidarity with the people of the Lower Volta cities, towns, communities, and villages. We must remember that we can weather any disaster together.”

“The government alone cannot shoulder the burden of providing relief items to victims of the floods in difficult times like this. Corporate institutions, organizations, and individuals should equally support,” Afenyo-Markin added, highlighting the collective responsibility in aiding those affected by the flood.

The Lower Volta area has been severely impacted by flooding, displacing thousands of residents and causing extensive damage to properties. In response to this crisis, Afenyo-Markin’s generous pledge of 200 (25kg) bags of rice is poised to provide a significant source of sustenance to the flood victims who are grappling with the immediate aftermath of this calamity.

Afenyo-Markin commended Citi FM and Citi TV for their pivotal role in coordinating relief efforts, stating, “I must acknowledge the crucial role played by Citi FM and Citi TV in leading efforts to coordinate the receipt of donations for subsequent presentation to the victims. Their commitment to community welfare serves as an inspiring example to all of us.”

Many individuals and organizations have also made cash donations to the relief efforts, using the MoMo number 0550900006. Their contributions further bolster the relief efforts and ensure that financial support is reaching those who need it most.

For example, Pem Madera, an indigenous Ghanaian company specializing in the production of top-grade wooden and glass fittings and furnishings for offices, industrial complexes, and homes, has joined the cause with a generous donation of 10,000 Ghana Cedis in support of Citi FM and Citi TV’s campaign.

As Afenyo-Markin aptly pointed out, “It is during challenging moments like this that we discover the true strength of our community. My hope is that my pledge inspires others to extend a helping hand and collectively make a difference in the lives of those affected.”

The Deputy Majority Leader’s initiative is expected to inspire and encourage others to come forward and extend a helping hand to those affected by the Lower Volta flood. This act of solidarity is a testament to the resilience of the Ghanaian spirit, reminding us all of the importance of standing together in times of adversity.

Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that more spillage from the Akosombo Dam is expected in the coming days.

The Volta River Authority is in a race against time to prevent the dam from reaching its maximum capacity.

As a preventive measure, controlled spillage is being carried out to safeguard the dam’s integrity, potentially leading to further challenges for downstream communities.

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