Advice to Single Ladies Preparing For Marriage (no 3 is so important)

We have seen marriages destroyed after few months on the marriage, some will even divorce in just one month. Most of these divorces are not always caused by men, ladies are also at fault. This educative article will pass some lessons to the ladies out there who are preparing to marry sooner or later. Let’s go ;

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Dear ladies please when you are packing your bags into that marriage, bring the following things along with you if you really want to build a blissful and colourful marriage

1. Don’t just bring your breasts, come along with your brain. You know why? After childbearing & breastfeeding, that breasts may fall down in shape. Your breasts may fall but your brain must not fall lest your marriage falls with it! Come along with a functional brain! You need it more than your fronted breasts!

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2.Don’t just bring your virginity, come along with integrity! Yes, it is a glorious and commendable thing for you to come into your marriage with your virginity But you know what?, beyond bringing your virginity, please bring integrity along. Your virginity will leave you on your wedding night but it is your integrity that will remain with you and make you remain in that marriage and shape an established effort with your husband

3. Don’t just come with painted and succulent lips, come along with a praying and supplicating lips. Sincerely, it is good to have succulent lips but you need more than a painted and succulent lips to build a prevailing marriage! You must have a praying lip and a lip that can supplicate in the place of prayer. As a woman, you’re expected to be a prayer champion, you need to pray always when things are in order and not in order, when things are in good shape and not in good shape. Your lips are not just for painting, it is mainly for serious communication with God.

4. Don’t forget that you are coming to another family entirely, where you will become part of the family. Therefore, when coming to this new family, always come with your friendship heart. You must be able to create cordial relationship with your in-laws especially your mother Inlaw. If you have a problem with your mother inlaw, you might loose your marriage if care is not taken. Some girls nowadays will be praying for their mother inlaw to die before they marry, what you plant is what you will reap so be careful. Treat her with respect and enjoy your marriage.. Remember she gave birth to him.

5. If you know you don’t know how to cook then this is the right time to learn how to because to win a man’s heart if through his stomach. Food is important to men you can go and ask those that are married. If you depend on buying food from eatery or restaurant for your husband, I don’t think you are a wife material. So be prepared to provide quality food for your husband and your children when you start having them.

6. When you are married know the kind of friends you will be moving with, don’t mingle with the friends that will bring down your marriage. Negative vibes with pessimism ideas
Too much of friends can be dangerous to your marriage, one reasonable and responsible friend is better than twenty friends with no purpose for your marriage so be wise.



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