Adjetey Annan shares his embarrassing moment as an actor

Veteran Ghanaian actor Adjetey Anang has advised young artists and actresses, in particular, against believing that their talent alone can propel them to the top of their trade.
This assertion was made by the “Things We Do for Love” actor in an exclusive interview with Emcee Bebe on Ultimate 106.9 FM’s Saturday entertainment program, Entertainment Records.

Talent is raw, it’s merely nature’s gift to man, thus it has to be developed,” he said.

Adjetey emphasized the importance of honing one’s abilities via the learning of a talent in order to make the most of it.

The “raw talent” of a person can only take them so far, but “the skill has enough ways through which one can ride on to the top,” he remarked.

Adjetey Annan shares his embarrassing moment as an actor

Adjetey Anang shared a terrible story of being overconfident in his talents and blanking out on stage because he hadn’t done his preparation before a performance.

“I can’t forget that experience at the National Theatre, I forgot my lines entirely..”

As a reminder, Adjetey Anang is a Ghanaian actor, popularly known as “Pusher”, which was his screen name in the television series Things We Do for Love.

He has been featured in many Ghanaian movies, including “Deadly Voyage”, “A Sting in a Tale”, “The Perfect Picture” and others. He has also featured in a Dutch movie titled “Slavery”.

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