Abronye DC And Kweku Annan Of NET 2 In Big Trouble


Angry Tafo Youth has given a two-day ultimatum to the Bono Regional NPP chairman, Abronye DC and Kweku Annan of Net2 TV to immediately withdraw denigratory words against the chief of Tafo in Kumasi else face their serious wrath.

According to the group, the chief of Tafo, Nana Agyen Asare was allegedly defamed by the said people without any evidential fact. They’re given just two days to “withdraw their denigratory words against our noble because our chief is never a politician.”


“They either do that or face our serious wrath. Our chief is not any ordinary chief you can play jokes with. What is two hundred cedis to Nana Agyen Asare?
“You can’t sit on a television and make a bogus claim against a big chief like this and go scot-free without providing evidence or withdraw with an apology,” the revealed.

Mr Kwadwo Dabanka, leader of the group speaking to the media said, it’s high time some people are made to accord necessary respect to authorities.


He revealed that Abronye on Net2 alleged without evidence that the chief is a politician who is a member of the National Democratic Congress.

“Kwaku Annan, host of Net2 the seat show on the other hand claimed that the Tafo Chief hates the constituency MP, Ekow Vincent Assafua after the MP refused to give two hundred thousand cedis the Tafo chief begged for,” Mr Dabanka added.

According to Mr Dabanka, the chief of Tafo has no qualms with the Member of Parliament. He however revealed that there have been several disrespectful acts done by the MP, and he continues damaging the chief’s image with several lies which is not fine.


He has called on the Honourable Vincent Asafua to stop creating enmity amongst themselves since the constituency aims for development.

“He has refused to honour the chief’s invitation on several occasions. He only goes out to create a bad image about our chief which is not fair. We humbly call on the MP to think of the constituency’s well-being and that of the NPP. Most of the youth here voted for NPP. They should leave our chief alone, he’s not a politician. He stands as a father for all.

Other people who spoke on the issue said they are deeply hurt by those bogus claims made on Net2 TV about the chief.

They have called on Abronye and Kweku Annan to immediately retract their statements and apologize else face their wrath.



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