Abena Korkor flaunts her new boyfriend on social media

Abena Korkor, a media celebrity from Ghana and a mental health advocate, claimed to have finally met a man who loves her and is there for her in both good and bad times.

Abena Korkor, who has become well-known for having bipolar disease and frequently posting lists of guys she has slept with, says her current lover is an Army officer who also suffers from the illness.

In an interview with Ohemaa Woy3j3 on Angel FM, Abena Korkor asserted that she had made significant progress in ultimately locating her.

Abena Korkor flaunts her new boyfriend on social media

We have the same spirit and everything is effortless when he speaks to me, she added.

However, Abena Korkor withheld certain information while revealing a few specifics about her newfound love;

“He’s an American Army officer, very disciplined and well cultured.”

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