“A lazy man can’t be my friend” – McDan

Businessman by trade and CEO of McDan Group Daniel McKorley has publicly expressed his dislike for slobs. He claimed that he did not hold slackers in low regard.
He claims he doesn’t hang out with them because there is no justification for being lazy in this part of the world where one must work hard to succeed.

Lazy guys are perfectly acceptable, but I don’t hang out with them. As a guy, you can’t be lazy. You need to work hard and be willing to push yourself a little, he said, in order to succeed.

“A lazy man can’t be my friend” – McDan

The billionaire believes that since a woman should only earn what she earns, married men shouldn’t rely on their spouses’ income.

The remainder of his comments were made in a speech he delivered at a Joy Prime in Accra. He urged married men not to take advantage of being the family’s primary provider by mistreating their wives.

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He believed that even if they disagree with them, men must allow their wives the freedom to express themselves freely in the marriage.

After you get married, your ethics must remain unwavering. In actuality, nothing has altered. It is useless to try and change the story. Your money is not the same as a woman’s, and vice versa. Women should be revered because they are the most lovely and priceless creatures that God has ever created.

You don’t have the right to be an autocratic spouse just because you pay the bills, she said. If your pay is low, there’s no need to change the plot. He forewarned that you won’t be able to pay the lady back if she spends money on you.

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