7 Ways To Control Bad Breath


As a result, lack of confidence walks in when you have a bad mouth odour.

Improve your teeth and gum health then has a nice refresh breath with these simple steps :


Step one – Use Soft Bristle Toothbrush
Many people assume using hard bristle toothbrushes is the best however, when cleaning the teeth the soft bristle should be much considered especially for sensitive gums.

In addition, these brushes cleanse every corner of the teeth very well and leaves your mouth feeling fresh.


Step two – Rinse Your Mouth After Eating
If you’re concern about your breath, getting a mini mouthwashes for your office, school or work shouldn’t be a big deal.

After having a meal, food particles get stucks in your teeth so it’s necessary to swish your mouth after eating.


Step three – Brush The Tongue
To get rid of bed smelling bacteria, gently scrape the tongue with your toothbrush and rinse with a clean water.

The coat which normally forms on the tongue are the causes of the mouth odour.

Step four – Avoid Onions and Garlic
Onions and garlic are good but eating them after a good brushing of the teeth wouldn’t help.

Avoid them especially when going to work or meeting up with a friend.

Step five – Brush and Floss the teeth
Using your idle toothbrush, floss at least once a day during cleansing of the teeth.

Mostly, tiny food particles hides in-between our teeth, Flossing will help remove bacteria which causes bad breath.

Step six – Quit Smoking / Tobacco
Smoking causes cancer, damages your gum, discolor your teeth and gives bad breath.

Book an appointment with your doctor to help you quit-smoking , that’s if you truly want a refreshing good breath.

Step seven – Visit The Dentist
Book an appointment with your dentist for professional cleaning of the teeth.

Usually, this involves removing plaque and tartar which leaves your teeth polish and refreshed.


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