7 Tips To Treat A Woman During Menstration

Menstruation is the periodic discharging of the menses, the flow of blood and cells from lining of the uterus in an unfertilized female of human and other primates.  Women mostly feel weak in the discharging of cells and needs extra care which is why I have gathered these few tips to help encourage men treat their women with much care.

 When you see your woman on her period, be extra romantic with her. Pamper her with hugs, kisses and sweet talks. This really makes her feel better. Women goes through pain monthly, some are extreme others minor even so, she needs more than care in such periods. Women in general love to be treated as queens which they are and must be treated as such.


During a woman’s period she easily gets mad, be extra gentle with her because the pains she’s facing is already irritating her. There is a higher possibility she would get angry for reason, you must be extra careful and vigilant with her. Be her place of refuge emotionally don’t abuse her.

Women love, adore and like to be surprised occasionally because it makes them feel wanted and loved. Surprise her with roses, night out to her favorite restaurant, buy her favorite drink and take her to watch her favorite movie that will make her forget the imminent pain.

 It’s important to track the menstrual cycle of your woman and when to expect your woman’s period. Helps you figure out when she is in her menses without asking, know how to support her in such conditions. Women love men who know them completely it them feel at home.

 When your woman relaxes more on her period because of the pain she is feeling and also loose concentration, it is the right way for you to help her out with housework. Like washing dishes, laundry and fixing the bed is kind of romantic.

When a woman is on her period she needs to feel that she’s beautifully desirable. Stay close to her, avoid making her feel bad about herself. You can keep a blanket next to her in case she gets cold because her body temperature will not be stable during her period. Works like MAGIC!

 When you notice she argues about little things please try not to take it serious. She gets mad at you for no reason, you must know that it’s because of her hormones and it has nothing to do with you. Nobody fancy pain for that matter gets angry easily which is why you must ignore pity arguments and look for ways to make her comfortable

Akosua Boatemaa

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