7 Reasons Why Younger Guys Fall For Older Women

If you think you’re noticing more relationships blooming between older women and younger men, you’re exactly right. It’s called cougar loved by many, and its dating phenomenon is catching on like wildfire.

There are plenty of reasons to love a seasoned woman that a lot of younger guys are finally wising up to. You may be an older woman who’s gotten some attention from a younger guy lately, and it’s felt a bit odd. If you want to learn more about this budding attraction, here are 7 reasons why younger guys fall for older women.

New Perspectives.

Dating a woman of a different age group can provide a whole new lens on life. You may have always dated women your age, which could mean they think about things similarly to you. This can make dating an older woman eye opening, fun and adventurous for younger men.

Intellectually Challenging.

The additional years an older woman has on a younger guy comes with likely more education and real world experience. This can be intriguing to a younger man, as a more culturally or educationally advanced older woman can mentally challenge him.

Stable Finances.

Who’s not attracted to someone who has their “stuff” together? Older women have usually grown out of the poor money management phase that plague many of us in our younger years. Even if a younger guy hasn’t grown out of this phase for himself, that won’t stop him from liking a woman with a financially stable foundation.

Clear Goals And Desires.

It’s pretty likely that older women have dated enough to know what she likes and doesn’t like. She’s had more time to learn about herself, the kind of guy she’s into, and what she wants out of a relationship. For a guy who isn’t afraid of a woman who’s sure of herself, this can be incredibly attractive.

More Experience.

Since older women have years, sometimes even decades, of more experience, a younger guy can learn a lot from them. This could be in the intimacy category, career advancement or just in life lessons. This can be highly stimulating and thrilling to a younger guy who’s new to dating older women.

Less High Maintenance.

Sometimes as women we need consistent and constant praise as reassurance that our partners are still into us. As time passes, this need begins to subside with increased self-confidence and acceptance. Many younger guys may find the emotional waters of an older woman more refreshing and less difficult to maneuver because of this.

Emotional Maturity.

The budding minds and bodies of our youth can lead to highs and lows, unpredictability, and raging hormones. This can take a toll on relationships and comes with a lot of emotional wreckage. An older woman has been through all of that, grown stronger from it, and ultimately moved passed it. To a guy who is ready for a consistent relationship, emotional maturity in an older woman will be a welcomed change.

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