6 truths most men hide from their partners in relationships

Love is a key factor for individuals in a relationship, it is a major determinant that can’t be neglected.

But then aside love, communication between the man and the woman is very necessary.

While most women will express their feelings, emotions, disagreement and thoughts in a vocal manner, most men tend to be silent about their emotions in a of suppression or control. But the underlying factor most times is to either please their partner or to avoid further confrontations with their partner.

Even times when he feels the need to express his emotions, he is caught up in the societal structure that expects the man to bear the pressure of situation. Others times is personal insecurity or masculine mind set affects his judgements. Below are six truths men hide from their partner in a relationship.

1.They are some times attracted to other women.

Every man has a spec of lady that turns him up. One basic truth of what men hide from their partners is that they find other women attractive. This sounds simple, but it can wreck a relationship if not handled maturely. Though it is natural to admire someone else beauty, it should be done with utmost respect for ones partner. This is a sign of respect for one’s partner to help avoid unnecessary conflicts.

2. They find their partners utterly annoying at times.

As much as men love their partners, it should be noted that individual differences plays a role in our relationship. There are times your partner maybe utterly annoying. A woman may just expressive about the situation, but a man may try to find a way of making his partner to cheer up. There are men that act in contrary, but a pretty faction.

3.Risk of Financial insecurity.

Men are taken for granted to be the breadwinners of their family. This is a role the society has bestowed on them. They are some times faced with financial pressure from the family and work competence at their work place. Once they give in to these pressures, they tend to hide it from their partner so as not to reveal their vulnerabilities.

4.Lack of performative prowess in bed.

Lack of experience in intimacy or any form of physical intimacies can really challenge a man’s pride. Their inability to satisfy their partner due to one factor or the other can really be disastrous for both parties. Most men will unwillingly hide this truth from their partners, even when it’s absolutely clear they need help from their partner.

5.Men struggle with internal conflicts too.

Sometimes, men are expected to put up that bold look and handle situations with stiff mind set. We forget that they are human, they fells pain, joy, they have emotions and needs comfort too. They need an outlet for their bottled up emotional stress. Societal factors have even made it more difficult for them to express themselves with out fear of losing their respect and prestige. Unless a man can trust you with his problems, he can share it with you and will try to hide it away.

6. They need love too; they are tired of unnecessary show of masculinity.

Men need love too in a relationship. Though they are expected to live up to certain expectations in the society, which includes pleasing their partners in their relationships. The truth is that there are times they need that petting and little love from their partner. But they are unsure of the reaction and interpretation it would convey, thus they continue to endure and live as if all it well.

Though the list isn’t exhausted here, but from the list above it shows that in every relationship there should be a balance between the partners. Even with out been told, you help your partner out in the little way you can to enhance communication and build stronger bond.


Joseph Asare, a freelance journalist, a blogger and loves the internet

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