6 hidden MTN codes You Should Know

We as a whole realize that nowadays information groups and broadcast appointments are turning out to be significantly more costly to manage.

However, many of us have no clue about the codes to gain admittance to modest information packages and free broadcast appointments on MTN Ghana. These beneath are six hidden MTN codes that can assist you with getting modest information groups and other related broadcast appointment issues in Ghana.

These hidden MTN codes have been tested and tried and It works as described below. Kindly share this information with friends and family to help them
manage data subscriptions.

1. *135*2*1#

This code will assist you with getting 1GB for as low as 2.99, 2GB for as low as 3.99, and numerous more, but one thing to note is that they are altogether legitimate for one day which approaches 24 hours.

2. *550#


Do you appreciate settling on telephone decisions however find broadcast appointments excessively costly, chill then? This code offers a half year of free calls to one MTN number only. So input the number you call now and again in the container to partake in this deal.

3. *141#

GH¢5.00 note

You can get 1GB of information for just 5 cedis. One more fascinating thing about this proposition is that it is legitimate for 3 days. So my kindred bloggers and YouTubers, I surmise this is intended for you.

4. *144*number*voucher code#

Are you the one individual who consistently purchases credit for other people, then this is acceptable information for you? Utilize this code to purchase credit for your adored ones. This is an alternate route structure when contrasted with different techniques.


MTN Mobile Money logo

A large portion of us realizes that MTN Ghana pays interest on your MTN momo account. Use this code to activate if you want to earn interest on your MTN mobile money account.

6. *585#

4G logo

It may be the case that you as of late got a new cell phone, amazing. To check if it supports 4G, dial this code on your device. Many cell phones counterfeit being 4G subsequently this code would be of help. If the code pops up as unknown, meaning your phone 4G is fake.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if the codes were useful. This is to help others realize how beneficial this article is.

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