6 Attitudes To Consider Before Chosen A Partner. Observe Number 5 Seriously


Marriage, before it there is courtship or relationship. At this stage you need to be certain if you really want to build a family with your spouse. Some red flags are pardonable as the couple work on themselves to get better. However other red flags are ones you just should not ignore.

Not that the spouse is a bad person, but its a sign that you two are not compatible. Don’t marry someone, when you know you are not inwardly certain and being with the person doesn’t make you happy.


Don’t marry someone if the person

  1. Takes you for granted
Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 2

Someone who takes you for granted always puts everyone and everything else ahead of you. If your spouse is committed to you, no matter the busy schedule he or she will make time for you.


This person also places their needs first and expects that you also do same always. More like love reciprocated and unappreciated.

You are not heard by your spouse, you are not seen by your spouse, your spouse doesn’t regard you, huge red flags not to marry them. This is because the relationship will always be one-sided and you will not be happy


2. Always abuses you emotionally

Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 3

Saying negative things to your spouse is a very dangerous thing. It diminishes character, self-value and self-worth. a typical instance is telling your lady her mouth is too big for you or your gentleman there is nothing about him that is deserving of you.

When you marry one who emotionally abuses you, you will never feel enough and will always see yourself as the worse among good things.

“Any behavior of this kind should be discussed with a mental health professional to determine the significance,” Smith said. “If characteristics such as these or others make you question if they might be a problem, they must not be ignored. These are some of the big causes for partners seeking marriage counseling later on.”

3. Is Not Ready to Support your goals and vision

Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 4

Marriage is companionship, teamwork and every other English word synonymous to togetherness. When you feel your spouse is dragging you back in terms of your vision, dreams and aspiration; It is better to hold on to reach an agreement or find someone who will support you due to compatibility and growth.

Marriage with divided ideas and plans eventually leads to a divided home.

4. Is Manipulative and Controlling

Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 5

Manipulative and controlling people always make sure reality is an imagination and the truth is always a lie. Your relationship is never healthy as they always get what they want with their wit and controlling nature. They are usually possessive and always right.

Marrying such a person who is unwilling to change will live you in a bitter relationship as all the bad things they do to hurt and hunt you will have to seem good to you.

5. Is Marrying you out of compassion or self-pity

Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 6

Love grows and love is built. However the thought of spending your whole life imprisoned is high when you marry someone you don’t love. Happiness is sacrificed as these marriages usually lack companionship and constant communication.

Each party can’t wait to go out and hang out with others as that’s where they find comfort.

6. Is A Secretive Person

Never Marry Him or Her If They Show These 6 Signs 7

True we are all entitled to our privacy, but marrying secretive person is very dangerous. Why cant the person open up to you? Is the person not comfortable enough to treat you as the companion you really are?

Secrets lead to tons and tons of trust issues; Trust is a key factor on which marriage is built, if not it will not hold.

If your marriage is failing because of any of the above, try working it out and see a counselor. If you are yet to get into marriage, why not solve the heavy red flags first.


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