52-Year-Old Woman in tears after her family demanded $3k as bride price

An overseas-based 52-year-old Ghanaian woman who is engaged to be married has expressed her disgust at her family’s demand that her fiancé pay a whopping $3000 as the bride price.

She argues that because she is approaching retirement age and her partner may have sought a younger, more attractive woman, she views his attempt to get married as a courtesy.

She grew so furious that she complained on social media, wondering if her family was okay with her continuing to be single. As a result, she made the decision to frighten off potential husbands by charging an outrageous bride price.

52-Year-Old Woman in tears after her family demanded $3k as bride price

She lamented the fact that her significant other had decided not to pay until her family dropped the $3,000 bride price since he was also not happy with it.

Many Ghanaians have reacted to her outburst, and some have expressed concern similar to hers that the man would feel like he was buying her if he paid so much to be married.

Others have even recommended her to ignore her family and visit the court to obtain an uncomplicated and reasonably priced civil union.

A court wedding is a legal union recognized by both Ghanaian and international law. It makes sure that your union is sanctioned and recognized by the law, giving you the same privileges and rights as couples who get legally wed.


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