5 reasons why you should have sex every week

Having sex at least once a week will keep your hormones, heart and brain in top condition. And the more you have, the better the benefits. Men who have sex three or more times a week reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%. … Regular sex releases ‘feel good’ Endorphins at any age, as well as easing stress.

1. Sex is good for your heart:

Anything that exercises your heart is good for you, including sex. Sexual arousal sends the heart rate higher, and the number of beats per minute reaches its peak during orgasm. But, as with most exercise, it depends how vigorously you do it. Some studies show the average peak heart rate at orgasm is the same as during light exercises, such as walking upstairs.

If you thought that the only benefit of sex is a good pleasure, then I have some news for you. Making love is good for adults. And making love regularly is even better. A recent study says that men who have sex more than twice a week, have a lesser risk of getting a heart attack, than men who had sex less than once a month. Not only does it help you sleep well, relieve stress and burn calories, there are also several other reasons why you need to have sex more often.

2. Sex Eliminates Depress:

Just any other form of exercise, sex also prompts the brain to release feel-good chemicals, which increases the levels of happy hormones. These chemicals also help increase the levels of serotonin, which acts as a neurotransmitter and is one of the key antidepressant chemicals of the body. This, in turn, helps reduce the chances of getting depression.

3. Sex Help You Live Longer:

Sex feels fabulous at any age. It help add up to eight years to your life expectancy. Yes! You heard right. By burning some calories in the bedroom, you can add some more years to your lifespan. Studies show that having sexual intercourse regularly improves hormone levels, heart health and brainpower and revs up your immune system, so you can hold on to your youth while you enjoy yourself.

Research shows that the more orgasms you have, the longer you can expect to live. Being bad was never so good! Aim for orgasm It’s not just the amount of sex you are having that count but also the quality of sex when it comes to adding years to your lifespan. A study discovered that a powerful orgasm is equivalent to a shot of Valium, a drug that relieves bodily stress, and works as a good relaxant. It can also increase the body infection-fighting cells by up to 20%

Several studies have shown that having regular orgasms make men twice likely to live into old age as those who don’t have sex, and women to live up to eight years longer.

Also, women who have two orgasms a week are up to 30% less likely to develop heart diseases. So, make the most of it and boost your orgasm potential by investing in good sexual intercourse.

4. Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk:

There are male-specific health benefits of sex, One study showed that men who had frequent ejaculations, as high as 21 times a month or more, were less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who had fewer ejaculations. It did not matter if the ejaculations occurred through intercourse, masturbation, or nocturnal emissions. Of course, there’s more to prostate cancer risk than the frequency of ejaculations, but this was one interesting finding of how regular sex can help reduce prostate cancer.

5. Sex Makes you Look Younger:

Forget surgery and Anti-Aging creams, sex keeps you younger-looking. Regular sex stimulates the release of estrogen and testosterone, hormones that keep you young and vital looking. Estrogen promotes younger-looking skin and lustrous locks. In one study, judges viewed participants through a one-way mirror and guessed their ages. People who had sex at least 4 times per week with a regular partner were perceived to be 7 to 12 years younger than they actually were.

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