5 Things Men Only Do When They Have Feelings For You, Number 3 Is Funny

It is very easy to know when a woman has feelings for you but difficult to say when men feel the same way. This is because men like to always keep their feelings in check, especially when they are madly in love with you. If a man has feelings for you, he will do these 5 things for you.

  1. He would, you share with you deep things about himself. Men are very secretive and don’t like saying things about them. But if they have feelings for you, they wouldn’t mind sharing it with you. 
  2. He would make funny gestures when another man calls you. Things like to keep silent or grin a bit. This is because he is jealous and has feelings for you.
  3. He would want to touch you all the time, hold your hands, caress your hair. All these shows his strong affection towards you.
  4. He will always want to spend his time with you. Not every man is willing to give a woman his time. But when they do so, it is obvious they have strong feelings for you.
  5. He would always call you and text you to make sure you are okay.

When you visit him.

He would walk t home and make sure you reached safely.


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