5 Secrets Men Keeps From Women


Both men and women keep secrets in relationships and marriages. When it comes to men, no matter how long you have been dating, there are things whether big or small that he will keep from you.

Here are 5 common secrets men keep from women;


1. Money issues

Usually, men feel crazy whenever they run out of money or suffering financial setbacks. Although he might make a hard face, he will hardly reveal to his wife his bad financial situation not unless she makes huge money demands from him. Men feel insecure whenever they have money issues.


2. He lies to keep things calm

When things go wrong between him and his woman, he is likely to say pure lies just to cool her down. They hate arguments and the best way to avoid them is to lie.


3. Men prefer moms first

Whenever there is an issue or whenever he wants to do something, he goes to his mom first to talk about it. He won’t tell his wife because that will hurt her.

4. They miss their wives sometimes but don’t say it

A man will miss his wife anytime she is away from him but will hardly say it. Although others can make a call and say it, most won’t, especially when she was mad and left for some time just to punish him.

5. He wants to be complimented

Compliments not only impress women, men too love to be complimented. So he feels bad when he makes some cool appearance and his woman doesn’t talk about it. However, he won’t say it.


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