5 Reasons Why A Woman Will Leave You Even If She Loves You

When it comes to love, women are really good at it. I mean a woman will give all she can just to express how much she is in love. Unfortunately, she will leave despite how much love she feels for you.

For the men, here are 5 reasons why a woman will walk away even if she loves you;
1. You are never there when she needs you

Women expect a lot when they are in love. She might not need a lot of things from you but when it comes to time, they need a lot of it. If you are never there for her whenever she needs you , she will leave despite how much she loves you.

2. You don’t make her your priority
Every woman wants her man to make her his priority. A woman will hardly feel secure in a relationship where she seems not to matter. If you don’t make her your priority then she will walk away head high.

3. You compare her to other women
You might not realise as a man that comparing your woman to another one can bring irreparable damage to the relationship. When you compare her to others, you lower her self-esteem prompting her to part ways with you.

4. Sex is no longer out of love
Real women value sex that is out of love. However, when she realizes that you no longer make it feel like love, chances are that she will walk away. Sex makes a woman feel loved as opposed to some men who might only presume it as just a way of satisfying bodily needs.

5. You tell too many lies
Lies kill trust in a relationship. While you might not care whether she trusts you or not, she really cares how much trust she has for you. The more you lie, the lesser she trusts you and without trust in the relationship, the best she can do is walk away.

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