5 categories VGMA could add from the GRAMMYs

Once again, it’s awards season, and many people are still thinking about the recently concluded 66th Grammy Awards.

It’s hard to avoid thinking about the upcoming Ghana Music Awards and what may be learned when everyone is still debating who should win Best African Music Performance.

But we’ll talk about that later.

The 94 categories and winners of the 66th Grammy Awards demonstrated the range and caliber of the music business.

To honor various genres and skills, the Grammy Awards should be included to the Ghana Music Awards (GMAs), one of the greatest awards shows in the country’s music business.

These classifications would need to be properly established and stated, though. The only classifications this article proposes are “genre-specific.”

5 categories VGMA could add from the GRAMMYs

One could debate whether these are required or even relevant to music. However, the personalities involved and the overall advantages of adding extra categories to such genres exceed the

The Ghana Music Awards could have the following categories, as suggested.

1. Alternative Music:

This category would celebrate music that is different from mainstream or commercial rock or pop. Alternative music can also be subdivided into genres such as alternative rap, alternative pop, alternative R&B, etc.

These are songs that are influenced by the musical styles of existing genres but have their unique twist.

In the Ghanaian context, alternative music could refer to music that is hard to classify into a single genre. I.e., artistes such as Wanlov the Kubolor, Wiyaala

One may argue that alternative songs can still be placed under “Popular Song of the Year” or “Record of the Year.” These, however, are not genre-specific.

This category could also encourage more creativity and experimentation among musicians as well as be a motivating factor for artistes who are already into alternative music.

2. Choral/Opera/Orchestra:

This category would honour groups and performers who specialise in choral, opera, or orchestral music, which is often overlooked or mixed with other genres.

For example, groups like Bethel Revival Choir, who have won “Group of the Year” before, could compete in this category instead of being jumbled with other groups of different genres.

3. Comedy Album:

Comedians such as Dave Chappelle, Trevor Noah and Chris Rock got a special category for their stand-up sessions at the just-ended Grammy Awards.

But then the argument could be made that the Grammy’s transcended purely music and celebrates all forms of performance art.

Comedy is not strictly music, it is still part of the live performance art.

The GMAs for now are strictly music-specific. But what stops it from equally following in the footsteps of the Grammys?

Just as the Grammys is the biggest awards scheme in the United States, the GMAs is the biggest in Ghana.

Adding this category to the GMAs would recognise comedians who release albums or specials of their stand-up sessions and could also boost the comedy industry in Ghana and encourage more comedians to record and release their works.

Unless another awards scheme specifically for comedy in Ghana is set up.

4. Spoken Word Poetry:

Poetry in many ways follows the same tenets as music, they both use language and sound to create meaning and evoke emotions.

Both art forms rely on rhythm, meter, and repetition to create a sense of structure and flow, and both can be used to tell stories and express emotions.

Adding a category to acknowledge poets and spoken word artists who use their voices and words to create powerful and meaningful expressions.

The poetry industry in Ghana has been vibrant but has not been part of major creative arts discussions in the country.

The last time a high-ranking executive at the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts spoke about poetry was in 2016 when Dzifa Abla Gomashie, the then deputy minister, expressed her excitement at its rise.

This, however, hasn’t stopped poets like Chief Moomen and Nana Asaase from making strides in the creative arts sector.

While some poets like Nana Asaase have been honoured in other award schemes, a major category in the VGMA could bring more attention and recognition to the poetry scene.

Admittedly, every award scheme may differ. However, the music industry serves as a learning ground, allowing observations from one to inform improvements in another. Over the past few years, the Ghana Music Awards has commendably added and removed categories to enhance its appeal. This adaptive approach is praiseworthy, yet there remains ample room for further improvement in the scheme.

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