3 Solid foods that make You to ‘Eat’ a woman well in bed

Several of them resort to dangerous drugs before having an affair with a lady which in turn affect their immune system and later makes them the weakest.

In this article, I’m going to lecture you on three natural fruits that will make you last longer in bed without any side effects. Interestingly, you can make these foods your daily diet to ensure continues effectiveness.

1. Date

Date can be found in any market in your locality, similar to bitter Kola but unlike bitter kola, date is sweet and has a single seed in it.

Dates taste similar to honey when very ripe and when taken every day, improves the efficiency of your male reproductive organ.

2. Tiger nuts

Tiger nuts are widely known for its effectiveness in treating male reproductive organ ineffectiveness and increasing the production of semen in men. No sékz booster is made without tiger but, do not spend money on anything expensive, just tiger nut.

3. Daily intake of milk

Milk helps in the production of quality semen and when blended with dates and tiger nuts, you make a whole remedy that will solve all problems relating to you sékz life.

Don’t forget to take at least one bitter kola a day as it also performs essential works in the male reproductive system and also improves the efficiency of the organ.

Try this and testify later.

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