24-hour economy will not allow witches, wizards to operate at night – Maurice Ampaw

Maurice Ampaw, a private attorney, has taken an intriguing stance against the 24-hour economic policy idea put forth by former President John Dramani Mahama.

Lawyer Ampaw has called on all those who practice the policy to rise up and vote against the former president in December 2024, citing the policy’s potential to interrupt the nightly activities of demonic spirits like witches and wizards.

24-hour economy will not allow witches, wizards to operate at night – Maurice Ampaw

“Mahama says he won’t let you fly because of 24-hour economy. Mahama doesn’t want witches to fly at night so all witches must rise against Mahama’s policy. Don’t allow Mahama to come to power, you will no longer fly at night because people will not sleep for you to attack them.

“It is only when people sleep that you are able to attack them by taking their heads to play with on the football field, those without protection are more vulnerable at night. Witches also open their chop bars, restaurants and filling stations at night. If Mahama wants to take that opportunity away from you rise against him,” he stated during his Mmra Mu Nsem program aired on Wontumi FM.

Maurice Ampaw emphasized that individuals who support the 24-hour economy strategy had to reevaluate their stance because of the way it affects spiritual nightlife.

The National Democratic Congress flagbearer, Mr. Mahama, has suggested a 24-hour economy, claiming it would help create jobs and boost the economy, particularly for young people.

The leader of the New Patriotic Party and his greatest opponent in the 2024 presidential contest, Dr. Bawumia, has countered that the idea is unimaginative.

Some critics, nevertheless, contend that the NPP has not offered a dispassionate critique of the policy or a viable substitute.

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