2024 Elections: We must ensure free and fair elections – Akufo-Addo

In order to guarantee that the next elections in 2024 are free and transparent, President Akufo-Addo is pleading with all citizens and pertinent parties to cooperate.

As we get closer to the general elections in December, the president stated that free and fair elections are the cornerstone of functioning democracies worldwide.

In a speech to the public on Friday, the 30th anniversary of the 4th Republic, Akufo-Addo urged everyone to obey the laws and policies guiding the country’s election administration and called for deeper and more widespread cooperation.

2024 Elections: We must ensure free and fair elections – Akufo-Addo

“Democracies are grounded on viable elections, and, this year, like we have done on eight (8) other preceding occasions, we will go to the polls to elect the President and my successor. No true democrat can disregard the importance of elections and the sanctity of the ballot.”

“It must, thus, be in our collective interest to ensure that the rules and regulations for the conduct of this year’s elections are fair and transparent and that we all develop respect for them, a respect that should not be a function of whether you win or lose.”

He added that the way to strengthen the country’s democracy and the peace and stability is for all the stakeholders to work together to ensure the consolidation of the Ghanaian democracy.

“All stakeholders, that is the Electoral Commission, the political parties and their leaders, the electorate, and citizenry, should work to assure the consolidation of Ghanaian democracy and help us maintain our pride of place on the continent as a model of democracy in Africa.

“At the end of it all, there should be no lingering doubt about the legitimacy of the election, and the winning candidates, on the conclusion of the process, should receive the unalloyed support of all. That is how we can strengthen our democracy and the peace and stability of our nation.”

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