10 ways to maximize pleasure during s3x

10 ways to maximize pleasure during sex couples can explore during this Christmas festivities. They include:

Be Considerate

This is not advice that has many effects on pleasure during sex, but it can make a big difference afterward and for the next time around. The basics of good sexual health are something most people understand: use protection and get tested. But there are a couple more tips that men should keep in mind for their female partners. For people having anal sex, never switch from the anus back to the vagina because that can introduce E. coli bacteria into the vagina, causing infection. It’s also a general rule that women need to pee post-sex to avoid urinary tract infections. This information may seem sterile but knowing it is very sexy.

Keep Learning

Whether it’s through articles, diagrams, or porn, there are plenty of resources available to people who want some ideas for how to improve their sexual experiences. Etkes says that it’s crucial to look at a lot of different resources because not everyone knows what they’re talking about and much of the advice out there doesn’t apply universally. Of course, a person’s partner is likely their best resource. While moans and groans in the heat of the moment are somewhat informative, a sit-down talk is the most effective approach to understanding someone else’s needs.

Experiment More

There are a lot of different ways to explore sexuality and experimentation is a way for a lot of people figure out what works for them. Again, slow and steady can be crucial here. These days, testing out bondage is a popular form of experimentation. For this, Etkes recommends keeping it light to start. Using gentle props like ties and towels and making sure both partners are comfortable will get things going in the right direction.

Learn New Moves

Even people who don’t think they have a signature move probably do. In fact, they probably have a lot of them. “Most men and women touch the way they touched their last partner,” says Etkes. There’s nothing wrong with trying what’s worked before, but it’s not the way to optimize sexual pleasure. What works for one partner may completely turn another off. Specifically, Etkes says to be cautious about rough stuff, like hair-pulling. Moves like that may drive one girl wild but cause another to kick someone out.

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