10 Things You Should Not Be Ashamed About In Life

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It’s very sad that most people are still living their lives based on what people will say. This kind of mentality has driven so many people into doing what they are not supposed to do simply because they want to level up. Some ended up denying the people they know just to protect the lies they have told.

They want the world to see that they are living a luxurious lifestyle even when they are not. I have heard stories about how people claim to be in a very juicy position in life just so they could mingle with high class people. This behavior always make them to feel shy about the people they know any time they come across them.

Some are even ashamed of their facial appearance, and how their body structure looks. Let me tell you my dear, no matter how fake you want to live your life, there are some things you should never be ashamed of if you really want to be happy in this life, and i will list them below.
Below Are 10 Things You Should Not Be Ashamed Of.

1] Your Job
Some people feel ashame when doing the little job that puts food on their table. Listen to me my dear, as far you are not stealing the money, and your job is hundred percent legit, you have no reason to be shameful. Let me tell you something, that job you are ashamed of is the dream job of so many people out there. If you ever make the mistake of shying away from your job simply because you saw one of your classmates driving a big car, then it’s sad. That your classmate won’t feed you when you finally go hungry and broke. Do your little job while you pray for a bigger one to come. If you cannot appreciate the little that you have, how do you now expect God to bless you with bigger one?

2] Facial Appearance
It is very funny that most people feel shy about themselves simply because they are not good looking. Let me tell you something my dear reader, nobody is ugly. God said that he created each and everyone of us according to his own image and likeness. Stop disturbing yourself about the things you cannot change. Just chase your dreams and try to achieve good things for yourself, and I promise you that people will notice your beauty in your achievement. True beauty lies in your character and not your face. When you treat the people around you with respect they will call you beautiful. But even if you are good looking and you treat the people around you in a devilish manner, they will call you a demon. You are beautiful the way you are my dear, try to live peacefully and be happy with yourself.

3] Financial Status.
This one is very common in our society of today. You are ashame because you cannot afford the good things others are buying for themselves, right? Let me ask you this question; do you know how those who are getting the good stuffs that you are admiring got their money. Money is good and everybody needs it, but you cannot go about feeling ashamed of yourself simply because you cannot afford what others are getting. It’s a very wrong mentality which is capable of compelling you to do what you are not supposed to do. Or even lie that you have acquired such things because you want to level up.

If you are such person, then I urge you to change from that negative habit. Pray to God for your own and live your life in your own terms.

4] Your Parents.
It is very heartbreaking that some people in this 21st century are still feeling ashamed of their parents. How wicked are you? How can you live peacefully living a life of denial simply because you want to be in the circle of certain people? Ask yourself, those people you are denying your parents for, are they denying theirs for you? Some even lie that their parents don’t stay in the country. Meanwhile their parents are languishing in the village; struggling and hoping that their children will one day come and help them out of their struggles. They never knew that their children have denied them long ago. This is a very sad and demonic situation. Please, if you are denying your parents simply because they are nobody in the society, make them somebody. Get them the good things that will make people to respect them when they see them, and their blessings will follow you.

5] Your Body.
You are too fat, you are too slim, you don’t have enough backside, you don’t have enough front side. Let them leave you alone to enjoy your life. There’s a reason why God almighty created you like that. Don’t let anybody to bully you simply because you are not what they expected you to be, or because you do not fit into their narratives. Avoid taking unprescribed supplements because you want to have good backside or front side. Live your life peacefully my dear! Those who love you for whom you are will definitely come around you. Even if your head is the biggest in the society, it is your head and yours alone. Stop worrying yourself about the things you cannot change if you want to live peacefully.

6] Old Friends
It baffles me how people feel ashame and turn their old friends down simply because they are doing better than them. Same old friends that were there with genuine heart even when there was no money. Now you have money and you think your class has leveled up, therefore your old friends are not worthy of hanging around with because you don’t want your so called high class friends to see them around you? Let me tell you something that you don’t know, those people who were with you when you had nothing, they are your true friends. If you think because you have made it more than them, therefore you ashamed of calling them one of yours, then you are making a grave mistake. True friendship is worth more than money.

7] Your Fashion Style.
You don’t have to feel ashame because you are not wearing the latest designers shirt or trousers. You should be ashamed that you used your money which you are supposed to invest to buy designers clothes. Designers wears depreciate, while investments appreciate. Invest your money and live a fulfilled life instead of wearing designers and living a failed life. Build your investment and maintain wealth, don’t build your wardrobe and maintain an image.

8] Being Single
This one is also very common in our society today. Most people always feel ashamed of themselves whenever they see people getting married. They would sometimes question their existence and asked God why are suitors not coming their way. If you are such person, then I urge you to keep calm and relax. There is time for everything, and every humans have their own specific time. Don’t beat yourself simply because you are still single at the age of 30. Live your life happily and engage your time in productive things. One day God will definitely beam his search light on you and you will get married too. You don’t have to live a shameful life over what you cannot change. Watch and pray!

9] Your Past.
Many people always allow their past to hunt them which often leads to suicidal thoughts. Let me tell you something, what has happened in the past has happened, and you have regretted it and changed from it. Feeling ashamed because people point fingers at you as a drunkard whenever you walk pass them won’t change anything either. If you feel that you are not comfortable about your past in a certain environment, then move out from there and go to another place and start a new life. No matter what you do people will always have something negative to say about you, so why worry yourself when you cannot control the thoughts of others about you? Live peacefully and be happy with your life my dear.

10] Childlessness
I have seen so many childless couple get laughed at simply because they can’t have their own children. People even read negative meaning whenever such childless couple play with other people’s Children. My dear, it’s a very sad situation, I know, but I want you to know that it is God that gives children.

You don’t have to feel ashamed for what you cannot change. What humans say about your situation does not count; only what God almighty says. I have seen couples who gave birth to triplets at the age of 50 and even above.
There is nothing too hard for God to do. When God blesses you, those who laughed at you behind your back will come before you and use same mouth to congratulate you.

There you go! Ten things you should not be ashamed about in life. I hope my points are clear enough? If you have any contribution or any topic you want me to write about, let me know in the comment section below.

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