10 Lusty Signs Of Sexual Attraction

And even if you’re trying hard to create sexual attraction with someone, you can use these cues to build the horny attraction yourself.
1.Close contact.
When you’re sexually attracted to someone you’re talking to, you’d find it very hard to stay away from them. You’d find any excuse to get closer to them, be it while walking together or while squeezing into a crowded elevator.

2.Outrageous flirting.

Do you find yourself helplessly flirting with this person all the time? Sexual flirting is one of the big signs of sexual attraction. If you’re sexually attracted to someone, you can’t help yourself from talking dirty or behaving like a naughty tease around them.

3.Strategic locations.
You can’t stop staring at strategic sensual locations on this person’s body, be it their crotch, their butt, their breasts or even their lips. You can try to stop yourself, but every sneaky opportunity you get, your eyes would just drift down south to get an eyeful of all that sexiness.

4.Your heart starts racing.

If you’re sitting in a cozy corner with this person, you can’t help but feel turned on and sexually aroused. With each minute that passes by, your excitement would make your hands wander and you’d start breathing deeper and harder too!

5.You’re all hot and bothered.

If you’re turned on by someone’s touch or close proximity, you’d start to feel flustered and sweaty, especially if you feel awkward or uncomfortable with the wild emotions whirling in your mind.
Have you ever felt these signs of sexual attraction while talking to someone you’re attracted to? In all probability, it’s not a crush but a wildly passionate moment of sexual attraction you’re experiencing!


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