10 Kinds Of Friends You Must Avoid In 2021

Avoid Friends who only take from you if you are to prosper next year.

Make a resolution about the kind of people that should be in your life. choose your own friends don’t let friends choose you.

Below Are 10 Kinds Of Friends You Must Avoid In 2021!

  1. Friends that never support your hustle but only come to borrow money. and each time the borrow money from you they run from you that is not the kind of friends that should follow you to next year. 
  2. Friends that only remember you when they are in need. such friends avoid them like plague in your life.
  3. Friends whose money is for projects and yours is spending to entertain them. If you continue to keep such friends you can never prosper in life.
  4. Friends that have refused to grow up: they don’t take advice from any one, but keep doing things that hurt their destiny.
  5. Friends that are no inspiring at all should be avoided at all costs. If you keep such friends in your life next year that means you are not serous about life.
  6. Friends you help that magically disappear when you need help. only to come back when they need help again.
  7. Friends who discuss you in your absence (Gossipers). but when they see you they talk good about you, avoid such friends in 2021.
  8. friends who come to you when they need help but when they win they celebrate with others. They don’t appreciate you in their time of celebration.
  9. Friends that encourage you to be sleeping around with different men/women. Such friends should not be part of your life in 2021.
  10. Friends who hate correction and think they know everything. Avoid Friends who thinks they know everything about life and always make you feel inferior before them.

Please add to the list and let’s help each other

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