😱😱 Run For Your Life If You See This On Hausa Koko Seller

It is delicious when it is consumed with hot ” Koose” . Hausa ” Koko” has become one of the most common choices of breakfast for many Ghanaians. Some people take it every early morning and some eat it as a snack, in between their main meals.

This delicious formula is prepared using millet and ginger, pepper and other hot spices. The truth of the matter is that because women who sell Hausa Koko always have their hands in water or the Koko they always have a problem with their fingers.

The problem with those women who sell the Hausa ” Koko” is whitlow, locally known as to Ghanaians as ” kakagya” . A whitlow is an infection which is caused by a virus named herpes simplex virus and it affects the thumb and fingertips.

If you take a look at the fingers of the Koko sellers you will see an abscess in the soft tissue near their fingernail some may have hands which looks puffy like it is been soaked in water for days.

What you should know is that Whitlow is very contagious and can spread from one person to the other. Perhaps what helps is that the ” Koko” is hot and it may help to kill the virus that causes Whitlow.

As indicated in the preceding paragraph, the Herpetic whitlow is caused by a virus called ” herpes simplex” . You can get it if you touch a cold sore or blister of another infected person. You’ re more likely to get herpetic whitlow if you’ ve had cold sores or genital herpes. Nonetheless don’ t panic Whitlow heals on itself or faster when treated.


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